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Scroll down for pictures a few from the old days Contact me Remember you can make some of the photos bigger if you click on them.. If you want to download them you can but click on them and make them large before you do.

This Hut was built in The Manapouri Hdro Village by Me and Russell Eathorne when we were I dont know how but we did it.

The Origonal Hotel

Lackies Loading the Boat

This is an aerial photo of the Manapouri Hydro Village.

1967 House 44 in Manapouri Hydro Village, We lived here in the 60s. Maxine riding the bike and Jim Longs house next door with the 64 Holden. Our Car is a 59 Chev.

Classic This photo was taken in Invercargill I think on a trip with parents. Starting on the left is Me, Verlin Schurman, Olando Auld and Russell Eathorne. Verlin is holding on to a hook pretending he has only got one hand.

Mararoa Weir, early Days

Early Picture of Te Anau

The Boat with Cow in the forground

On the Left Jim Long and Russell Eathorne, Through the widow is Russells house and you can see his Mum and Dads car the Morris Minor.

Neil on the Left, Wayne on the right

On the Hay 2016

Starting from the left I forget the name but he was an auto electritian and we called him spunky, then theres Mickey Marshall, Me in the orange bell bottoms,, Noddy Rodney James and Steve McGuire.